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About us

The trust and reassurance of highly technical skills

Currently, CTs used in major hospitals are dominated by equipment from overseas such as Siemens AG, GE, Toshiba, Philips, etc., so that the maintenance is not easy, being dependent on services provided by each company.
Through the thorough analysis of various CT equipment, YOUNGMEDI's technical skills have gained recognition as the first company sought after by hospitals in terms of maintenance for optimal operation and easy parts procurement.

If CT stops, the patient and the hospital will suffer damage. YOUNGMEDI's maintenance services are fast, smooth, and accurate. "Trust and relief," are the customer values pursued by YOUNGMEDI.

Since CT is an expensive medical device, the core consumable CT tube is also a very expensive device. Therefore if the CT tube breaks down or ends its life, it is difficult to regenerate and has to be replaced at a high cost each time, which adds another burden. YOUNGMEDI has developed a patented technology for CT tube regeneration, enabling the replacement of insulating oil that has never been possible before, while dramatically reduce the device replacement cost, restore the reliability of the device.

Insulating oil becomes a major cause of equipment failure by repeatedly absorbing and emitting heat from X-rays, resulting in reduced viscosity and formed foreign substances such as carbon.

YOUNGMEDI has developed the method of using vacuum pressure to completely remove foreign substances and air bubbles when replacing insulating oil, and the technology to prevent foreign substances and air bubbles from mixing witn the newly filled insulating oil.

This is how the process works: remove foreign substances from the outside of the CT tube to make the heat release better, and use vacuum pressure to remove contaminated insulating oil and foreign substances from the inside, clean the inside, inject new air-bubbles-removed insulating oil, then finally remove the air bubbles by increasing the vacuum pressure of the CT tube, which is the most important step.
This extends CT tube life and maintains the CT function for accurate inspection and diagnosis.

Creating new technologies through continuous technical education, training, and research

In order to allow many countries and hospitals to benefit from highly technical skills-based services, YOUNGMEDI is conducting continuous research based on relevant technical training and expert education.

We aim to master the maintenance know-hows and technical skills accumulated by the CT development specialized company through the education and training programs of YOUNGMEDI, and especially to contribute to the expansion of the CT maintenance field through the transfer of CT tube regeneration technology.
"Pursuit of valuable technology." YOUNGMEDI dreams of a healthy world for all mankind. YOUNGMEDI will be at the forefront of the growing global CT maintenance market with constant research and development.

Organization chart


Management Department

Technical Service Department

Company Affiliated Research Institute


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    Endless Research and Efforts

    Faith in basic skills.

  • 02

    Creative technology creation

    It is not complacent with the technology on-site and it is not slowing down the attempts of new technologies.

  • 03

    Global Future Direction

    Create a better future with our valuable technology in cooperation with various countries.

Business Policies

  • 01

    Service Know-how

    Young Medi (inc) provides CT which is high-tech equipment sales and Maintenance service based on over-20years technology and know-how.

  • 02

    Tube Patent Technology

    Young Medi (inc) provides the most efficient economic feasibility to maintain CT equipment by our Tube Patent Technology, Tube Life Solution(TLS).

  • 03

    Secure Parts

    Young Medi (inc) prepares for ‘Abroad order delay’ by securing backup parts and equipment. As a result, we can supply all parts immedietly, which are delayed.

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