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Core capacity

Effects of the patented new technology

Low Cost & High Efficiency

Patent technology status

  • Patent name

    Equipment and Oil Replacement Technology of
    Insulating Oil Replacement Module

  • Patentee

    The YOUNGMEDI Co., Ltd. / Korea

  • Patent number


Importance of Tube Regeneration

Insulating oil becomes a major cause of equipment failure by repeatedly absorbing and emitting heat from X-rays, resulting in reduced viscosity and formed foreign substances such as carbon.

YOUNGMEDI has developed the method of using vacuum pressure to completely remove foreign substances and air bubbles when replacing insulating oil, and the technology to prevent foreign substances and air bubbles from mixing with the newly filled insulating oil.

This is how the process works: remove foreign substances from the outside of the CT tube to make the heat release better, and use vacuum pressure to remove contaminated insulating oil and foreign substances from the inside, clean the inside, inject new air-bubbles-removed insulating oil, then finally remove the air bubbles by increasing the vacuum pressure of the CT tube, which is the most important step.

This extends CT tube life and maintains the CT function for accurate inspection and diagnosis.

  • 01

    Image quality improvement

    Removing Image ARTIFACT

  • 02

    Spit removal

    Remove the spit

  • 03

    Life expectancy increased

    It increases your life expectancy

Competitiveness of our patented new technology

In the existing markets where demand exists, significant cost savings effect, life extension of key components, elimination of TUBE SPIT, and elimination of Image ARTIFACT effect can expect a bright business success.
Insulating oil replacement equipment in X-ray tube module and the development of our new patented technologies are targeting the niche market.

Patent protection via IP

Importance of Insulating Oil Replacement

  • Before Replacement

    Status of Insulating Oil

  • After Replacement

    Status of Insulating Oil

TUBE life solutions

· Stabilization of X-ray modules from foreign substances and contaminated insulating oil

· Insulating oil removal technology by vacuum work

· Improving image quality


New tube replacement cost

Tube oil replacement cost

As much as 10% price of new tube

“Best economic with low price”

Image Artifact enhancements

  • Before

    Variation of Artifact

  • After

    Variation of Artifact

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